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Getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection before buying a home is a wise idea. It reduces the risk of unexpected and costly surprises, and helps you feel completely comfortable with your decision to purchase the home.

A pre-purchase inspection report is a relatively small investment that will give the home buyer peace of mind,with the knowledge that they have bought a home that has been thoroughly checked over by a qualified building professional.

This is especially important when you are planning to purchase a building that is not brand new. A new building will have already been inspected at critical stages during the construction, so it’s fairly safe to assume that no significant defects are present.

Building inspectorsare trained to inspect. They know what to look for, and can uncover hidden flaws. Hiring a building inspectoris the best decision you can make when it comes to having the single biggest investment of your life inspected thoroughly for defects.

Most buyersfind a home inspector through their realtor. However, this presents a conflict of interest if their commission is based on the final selling price of the home.

Hiring an unbiased, third-party inspector ensures that the home inspection does what it’s meant to do -protect you, the prospective homeowner.

Fora buyer, the home inspector:

• Alerts you of any deficiencies or safety issues

• Ranks and prioritizes any deficiencies a home may have

• Provides tips and recommendations for correcting deficiencies

• Can provide educationalarticles relevant to information contained in the report

• Can assist in acquiring financing and insurance

Our Inspections Include:

• General safety and security for all rooms in the interior living space, as well as the building’s envelope, including framing, structure, siding and soffits

• Doors and windows, foundations and crawl spaces, attics and garages, chimneys, walkways, patios, decks, driveways and drainage

• We also test all mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems for issues.

For condos and townhouses, we also:

• Review of homeowner association (HOA) minutes to identify possible problem areas and assess maintenance schedules.

• Inspection of all accessible common areas; general overview of roof and building envelope.

• Visual inspection of the common mechanical systems such as fire and life safety systems.

We carry out 100% independent pre-purchase inspections. We are not connected to any real estate agency, and pride ourselves in undertaking professional inspections and providing comprehensive reports to ensure our clients will make informed decisions about the property they wish to purchase.

We use advanced technical inspection tools, including a thermal imaging camera, a video bore scope and a moisture detection meter.

This type of building inspection is carried out specifically to provide home buyers information. Its main purpose is to give you an expert’s view of the condition of the property you are interested in buying.

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